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East Texas Kiln and Lumber

Quality wood—It’s cut and dry.

We provide premium hardwoods for builders, furniture & cabinet makers, millwork companies, wood retailers, and regular Joe’s.

Get the top-notch lumber your next project needs.

This isn’t box-store wood. This is premium lumber for projects that turn heads.

Kiln-dried hardwoods for sale Tyler Texas

Kiln-dried hardwoods

Make your next project stunning with kiln-dried lumber from these hardwood species:

  • Poplar
  • White Oak
  • Hard Maple
  • Black Walnut
  • Ash
  • Red Oak


Easter Red Cedar wood for sale Tyler TX

Eastern Red Cedar

Looking for rough-cut, aromatic cedar? We have you covered.

Kiln-dried wood for sale Tyler Texas
Kiln-dried wood for sale Tyler Texas

Custom wood products—kiln-dried & precision-surfaced.

Let us know which species you want  (e.g. black walnut, hickory, sweetgum, pecan, white oak, red oak, river birch, etc.). Then we’ll vacuum kiln dry it, precision-surface it, and have it ready in weeks, not months (or years!).

Custom wood posts, beams, and mantels for sale Tyler Texas

Custom posts, beams, and mantels

Give your customers the new home or remodel they’ll love you for.

Lumber for trailer decking

Trailer decking

Just tell us your dimensions and we’ll get it done.

Kiln-dried, premium wood slabs for sale Tyler Texas

Live-edge wood slabs

Name any amount in any width (up to 3 feet!), and we’ll make it happen.

Wood for stair treads & risers Tyler TX

Stair treads & risers

Get what you need for head-turning stairs that are built to last.

Wall cladding Tyler Texas

Wall cladding

Improve your structural integrity and aesthetics.

Tongue and groove Tyler TX

Tongue and groove

Build gorgeous floors and walls that last.

Shiplap lumber Tyler Texas


Shiplap is all the rage right now. And for good reason. It looks great in almost any setting.

Enter your dimensions to calculate your project size in board feet.

Please enter your board length in feet and your board width and thickness in inches. And let us know if you’d like a quote.

Vacuum wood kiln dried lumber in Tyler Texas
Vacuum wood kiln dried lumber in Tyler Texas

Done-for-you vacuum kiln drying, custom milling, and surfacing.

Our on-site services include:

Wood kiln and lumber drying service Tyler TX and East Texas

Vacuum kiln drying

Vacuum kiln dried means better wood—in weeks, not months.

Lumber milling Tyler TX and East Texas

Custom milling

We’ll mill your wood or custom-mill our locally sourced logs to fit your needs.

Wood surfacing, planing, and jointing service Tyler TX and East Texas


Get precision planing & jointing for projects that require maximum consistency.