East Texas Kiln and Lumber

Quality wood—It’s cut and dry.

We provide premium hardwoods for builders, furniture & cabinet makers, millwork companies, wood retailers, and regular Joe’s.

Get top-notch wood in one of two ways (or both). Here they are:

If you need vacuum kiln-dried, perfectly surfaced lumber, then you can bring your wood to us or we can sell you some of ours. Here’s how it works.

Wood kiln, drying, and surfacing Tyler Texas

Bring your wood to us—and we'll make it exceptional

Bring any amount (anything from a board to a forest is fine) of any species of wood and we’ll vacuum kiln dry & surface it to perfection so that your next project can turn heads for generations to come.

Need pick-up and delivery? Let us know.

Buy vacuum kiln-dried wood Tyler Texas

Buy exceptional wood from us—any amount, any species

Order custom posts, beams, mantels, boards, and slabs from us. Just tell us your preferred species so we can order the wood. Once we get it, we’ll vacuum kiln dry it, precision-surface it, and get it ready in weeks—not months.

Want it delivered? Just let us know.

Vacuum wood kiln dried lumber in Tyler Texas
Vacuum wood kiln dried lumber in Tyler Texas

Vacuum kiln drying means premium wood in minimal time.

Our vacuum wood kiln:

Vacuum wood kiln prevents warps, twists, and bows

Dries evenly to reduce warps

Outside of a controlled environment, wood cups, bows, twists, and crooks as it dries. Our vacuum kiln regulates the humidity, which lets the inside and outside of the wood dry at the same rate. And that reduces warping to give your wood the consistency high-end projects require.

Vacuum wood kiln increases stability and longevity

Dries cooler to increase durability

Our vacuum environment allows us to remove moisture from wood at a lower temperature. Lower temp means less stress on the wood. And that gives your wood stability you can count on for a lifetime.

Vacuum wood kiln dries wood fast

Dries (crazy) fast to hit deadlines

Nobody likes waiting, but sometimes waiting just isn’t an option. Thankfully, our vacuum kiln not only dries wood better—it also dries wood faster. As result, you get kiln-dried wood in weeks, not months. And that makes your customer like you, which makes you like us. Isn’t this great?!?

Enter your dimensions to calculate your project size in board feet.

Please enter your board length in feet and your board width and thickness in inches. And let us know if you’d like a quote.

Wood surfacing, jointing, and planing Tyler Texas

Precision surfacing for projects that have to be done right.

Our wood surfacing service features:

Premium wood surfacing, planing, and jointing equipment Tyler TX and East Texas

Premium equipment

Precision surfacing requires premium products, so we’ve equipped experienced woodworkers with the best products money can buy.

Precision wood surfacing, planing, and jointing Tyler TX and East Texas

Precision planing & jointing

For top-quality woodworkers, we get it—consistency is the name of the game. So, our precision equipment will make your wood as flat as it can be.

Flexible wood surfacing, planing, and jointing sizes Tyler TX and East Texas

Ultra-flexible sizing

From crazy narrow to 3 feet wide (or anywhere in between), we’ll make your lumber exactly the size you need.

Wood surfacing, jointing, and planing Tyler Texas
Kiln-dried wood for sale Tyler Texas
Kiln-dried wood for sale Tyler Texas

Buy kiln-dried, precision-surfaced wood products in any amount—from any species

Let us know which species you want  (e.g. oak, black walnut, sweetgum, or something else). Then, we’ll order it. Once we get it, we’ll vacuum kiln dry it, precision-surface it, and have it ready in weeks, not months (or years!).

Custom wood posts, beams, and mantels for sale Tyler Texas

Custom posts, beams, and mantels

Give your customers the new home or remodel they’ll love you for.

Kiln-dried, premium wood boards for sale Tyler Texas

Premium wood boards

Just tell us your dimensions and we’ll get it done.

Kiln-dried, premium wood slabs for sale Tyler Texas

Live-edge wood slabs

Name any amount in any width (up to 3 feet!), and we’ll make it happen.